Let me introduce to you two very awesome peeps, Chris and Katy, and their quite simply amazing wedding at Cherry Orchard Lake! I’ve been shooting weddings for close to 16 years now and I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled the world doing what I love. After this amount of time in the industry I have become a bit of a venue snob! The way in which I really like to shoot only really suits a handful of venues / spaces, and Cherry Orchard Lake is one of them! I love open rural spaces, clear horizons, and points of elevation … I can really come in to my own when I get these three things at a wedding venue. So as you can imagine, I was one happy photographer when I arrived to shoot Chris and Katy’s wedding at Cherry Orchard Lake, which conveniently is the nearest venue to our house … only 3 mins drive! #bonus

So not only did I have the perfect Cheshire wedding venue … I also had the perfect couple. Chris and Katy are big fans of our work. They were really excited about the photography and for a soppy sensitive soul like me, this is very important! Feeling wanted and appreciated only fuels my creativity.

So, it’s a perfect venue, perfect couple … I’m all good! Now all I need to make this the perfect wedding is a merry go round. Ha! It’s like these guys could read my mind … perfect venue, perfect couple, awesome weather, 3 mins from home, merry go round = awesomeness!

Katy and Chris, thank you so so much for choosing me to photograph your amazing wedding at Cherry Orchard Farm :)

Big hi5 to the guys at PapaKata for providing the PapaKata Sperry Tent … it looked awesome!

On with the highlights,





So much going on these images. Great work!

Every moment is captured so beautifully.

Love the bridal portraits! Great fun!

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