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Well, here we are again … the end of another year and a new one looming on the horizon. I’m always gobsmacked as to how quickly a year in life can pass by. I guess this is a good sign as it means you are busy, you are engaged in what you are doing in both your personal life, and business life, with little time to just sit back and observe what is going on around you.

As usual, we The Crawleys have been busy racing up and down the country visiting amazing places, meeting amazing people, and doing our very best to unleash the Crawley awesome whever we go. It has been another incredible year for our business – we got to make 35 couples insanely happy with the pictures we created. We put huge smiles on the faces of 10 amazing families as we continue our ‘Life is Crawesome’ adventure. We were so so humbled and honoured to be asked to teach at one of the biggest wedding photography workshops in the world ‘Summit’ alongside some of the most influential photographers in the industry. We teamed up with two of our very best friends, Pete and Laura Lawson (who also happen to be two of the top UK wedding photographers!) and held two very successful ‘Hangout’ workshops. And then the biggy! To top off an incredible year in business for us we scooped North West Wedding Photographer of the Year in The Wedding Industry Awards 2017! This is by far the biggest award we have won to date and we are so very grateful for this accolade. We are very much looking forward to travelling down to London in early January for the national competition.

So yeah it’s been another fantastic year for us and it kinda feels like groundhog day writing this. This is now our 15th year together as The Crawleys and each year we do our write up and reflect on our achievements and finish the year on a mental high. 2016 has delivered many highs but there have also been lows and it is with anxious hands I type this as my father begins his battle with newly diagnosed terminal pancreatic cancer. The next months are ones of uncertainty and worry and it’s at times like this you start to see a clearer picture of life and the realisation of the things that actually matter – your loved ones and the relationships we have with our loved ones. I see a lot of myself in my father – he’s a family man and everything he has ever done has been for his family. He’s super laid back, takes everything in his stride. He’s very successful at what he does and this has come about through sheer hard work and determination … he doesn’t know how good he is! I always try to tackle life with the same outlook as my dad and I try my best not to sweat the small stuff. In this industry I see so many people completely obsessed with recognition, likes, followers, awards, blog comments, ego. Does all this shit really matter? It never has that much to me and seeing my dad going though his struggle only realigns my beliefs … it’s the family and relationships we have with them that matter, and we are lucky enough to be able to photograph family and relationships week in week out. Keep your loved ones close, look after them and they will look after you – and a happy and content heart can only fuel your creativity when that camera is around your neck!

Happy Christmas and a Crawesome New Year … peace out.

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Fab work guys. Love the tunnel shot!

New Idea of Photography. that mirror one is looking so funny and unique.

lovely work nice to be inspired thanks for sharing

Wow! This is top and so inspirational. Incredible control of light. Congrats!

Brilliantly creative work. Love it. Everyone needs an oops upside your head shot!

Only just getting around to seeing this set, WOW. That blue family shot is ace!!

Amazing set of black and whites images here great job love the story behind them best wishes Simon

Forget best in the North, best in the world for me. Absolutely brilliant.

Thank you so so much Louise, that is so lovely of you to say x

To be honest I saw this link the other day but instead of immediately clicking on it, I thought I’d save the joy and pleasure with a good cup of coffee and take my time to marvel over your amazing art and wow was it worth the wait – just incredible work throughout!!

May I wish you guys a crazy good 2017 and you deserve the national title for sure in my eyes!!

Big Love – Damo x

Damo, thank you so so much man … this comment out a big smile on my face. Big love dude x

Very brilliant indeed. We always love looking at your work. Enjoy the holidays and all the best for the new year. Love from the Rooneys! x

Thanks so much man, big love x

HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!! Just outstanding work yet again you guys, such an amazing year, bloody well done! Have a wicked Christmas, massive love!! XX

Incredibly amazing set of creative photos and beautiful moments captured on the right time. Love all of them. Congratulations ;-);-);-)

Damn I earmarked a few favourites but got lost in sooo many feckin great images! Awesome work you guys. I don’t say this lightly but thats some of the best wedding images on the planet right there. :O) BIG love to you guys and thank God you didn’t show my belly shot!! ;O) x

Wow, just the best comment ever dude. Big love x

WOW! What an incredible set of images! So much life and laughter and love! Nxx

Thanks Natalie, that is lovely of you to say x

So so good. Absolutely top draw.
I have no idea how you do it, but more of the same please!
And good luck for 2017!

Thanks so much Ian, it was great working with you this year

Seriously love your work! Hats off to the both of you :)

The Crawleys make you wanna jump, jump! Original and creative as always! Brilliant end of year post. Here’s to an amazing 2-0-1-7.

Thank you mate, that means a lot coming from you

I’m writing this through tears as I’ve read and poured over this post. You guys deserve all the credit and recognition that’s come your way as these wonderful images are a testament to staying true to who you are! Thanks for the reminder.

It makes me incredibly sad you’re going through this awful time. Cherish everyone around you and shout if you ever need a hug or a drinking buddy! xxx

Thank you so much Ayesha, love you! X

Typical Crawley genius – absolutely incredible images. The very definition of creative. All the best to you both and your family xx

Thank you brother man, big love x

Just breathtaking images. Your hit rate is astounding. Congratulations on an amazing body of work this year.

Amazing work as always guys!

World. Class.

Professionally it’s been an absolute pleasure to see you guys continue to push the boundaries and inspire so many photographers. I’m beyond proud to see what you’ve achieved and I know you’ll continue to knock it out of the park in 2017.

Personally I know how tough the coming months will be but having seen the love you have for each other and for your gorgeous girl I know you’ll get each other through it along with the help of all your friends who love you. We’re all here for you x

Thank you so so much Hannah, the Crawleys love you big time X

So flippin awesoe guys!!!!!

Your imagination is insane, Liam. I’m not surprised you took home TWIA trophy. Stunning quality of image that lasts a lifetime, and I can say that from 1st hand experience! That fact that you’re a mega lovely person to have around is the icing on the cake.

Thank you Fiona, much love to you and Ryan x

Seriously cool. Here’s to 2016, the Crawley’s have ruled it.

I see lots of photographers that describe themselves as creative – but you truly are. Winning at thinking outside the box!

Awesome year…thinking of you guys for 2017 x

Thanks Adam, hope to catch up soon

KAPOW!! You’ve absolutely nailed the hat on 2016. Well done you guys – absolutely incredible shizz. Now go and enjoy a cheeky festive tipple (or two!) and celebrate your amazing season :)

If you showed me these photos without any logo above and asked me to guess whose they were I’d not even hesitate – your work is so you, and that’s the biggest compliment I can give. It’s all here – the abstract, the conceptual right through to the downright bonkers but every image just oozes love, emotion and happiness – something all too often missing in wedding photography. A vintage Crawley year. It’s a pleasure to know you both and call you my friends. Much love. Merry Christmas.

Wow mate, thanks so much. Sending lots of brotherly love x

Yeeeeeessssss mate! Awesome work guys. Smashing it x

Yes yes yes! What a year! Next level creativity and a style that is both unique and instantly recognisable. Absolutely loved looking at these. Keep flying the flag guys!!

So Much FUN in all of these….. LOVE!!!!

Thanks Kelly, big Crawley hugs x

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