our style

Great story telling images and creative bride and groom portraits.

our style

Your wedding photographs are most likely going to be your only visual memory from your wedding day. With this in mind, there are two things that drive us in our wedding photography – great story telling photographs and stunning creative bride and groom portraits. That’s it!

We are really passionate about bringing truly awesome and unique images to your wedding, and these distinctive photographs are an important part of our style. If you are looking for a creative wedding photographer just pop an email over to us to find out more.

the most important thing is for me is to tell your story

I guess you’ve probably read the same cliche statements over and over again by now (unobtrusive, working in the shadows, fly on the wall, etc etc …) Well that just isn’t Liam! For him, great story telling photographs are the ones which are created from within the story, and this is the approach he adopts at every wedding.

He'll shoot your story from close quarters – you’ll know he's there, he won’t hide in the shadows, and anyway he'll never pass as a fly on the wall unless there are flies out there with big cameras and beards! The resulting images, when viewed by you, will give you a real sense of being there again, as it is shot from your perspective, which at the end of the day this is what wedding photography is all about.

humorous +creative portraits

Liam is a BIG fan of bringing humour and creativity to his portraits. He loves creating unique bride and groom portraits and sees the next wedding he shoots as an opportunity to push his creative vision even more so than the last. His goal is to be ‘different’. All our couples are unique and we believe this should be reflected in your portraits.

Liam is massively in to strong geometric compositions, reflections, humour, and awesome light. If you’re worried about posing, don’t be … he keeps it simple, he just wants you to have fun!

He believes that your wedding portraits should not only be done super speedily so that you can get back to your family, friends and your party, but they should also be enjoyable, cool, creative and fun.