When I first met Gabrielle and Demetri in my local boozer last year I knew their wedding was going to be an awesome party. They reminded me very much of myself and my wife Bee when we decided to get married … simply a young awesome couple, madly in love with each other and wanting to tie the knot amongst their nearest and dearest and then celebrate in style with an almighty knees up!

And boy did they have an almighty knees up … their wedding at Gorton Monastery in Manchester is one I will never forget and it was my first taste of a greek wedding. The money dance at the end was AMAZING! I can’t quite believe how they both managed to stand being weighed down with that many £50 and £20 notes #bonkers!

Big hi5 to my very good friend Hannah Dornford May for helping me shoot this wedding, love ya :)

Here are the highlights from their wedding at Gorton Monastery

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