Last month a big group of lovely North West photographers got together to dress up in our wedding gear and take lots of photos of each other :-) The whole day was soooo much fun, and as a bonus we all have lots of fab photos of ourselves!

The rather fantastic Annabel over on Love My dress blog also featured the fun and games we had … you can see the post here


These photos are incredible! My Husband was massively impressed by the car shots-& it takes a lot to impress my guy! You’ve done a fabulous job and it really shows off how much fun we all had :)

I feel in awe of you two.

The simplicity and effectual nature of your work not only inspires me to better myself but makes me very proud to know you both.

If I were starting out today, You would be the people I would look to.

I started 6 years ago and You are the people I look to now.

Simple, effectual, beautiful.

Great photographs of great friends by great friends.

Thank you.

In a word – WOW. Soooo many brilliant shots. You’re raising the bar, Crawleys!

Top work Crawleys! Love those ‘legs akimbo’ shots and The Lawsons with the cars in particular but so hard to choose favourites out of a brilliant set!

Liam & Bee I just love your work – geniuses the pair of you!!

Beeeee!!!!! These photos totally rock! Love it!
We had so much fun styling you beautiful beautiful girls.
You all look amazing. Fabulous photos. Any bride would be lucky to have any one of you awesome group of people snap them on their big day. The shoot was a total experience. You’re all slightly tapped. It’s marvellous! Xxxx

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