Well, here we are again. The end of another year and the start of a new one. I’ve begun 2016 with a mixture of feelings – If I’m honest, I’m knackered! … but I’m also feeling content, and excited for the year ahead of us.

I asked myself why I felt so tired as I couldn’t really recall all the things that I’d been up to in 2015. I guess you can be so caught up in day to day life you have little time to just stop, observe and reflect on what you are doing.

So it’s only when I sat down and started to compile this collection of images I started to understand why I feel so tired. It turns out the Crawleys have been very busy bunnies indeed. This year I have shot weddings covering all four corners of Great Britain. I’ve shot weddings in Europe, Thailand, and Hong Kong. I’ve taken in cities, villages, towns, beeches, rolling countryside, and even jungles! On top of all that we moved in to our dream home in Delamere Forest where we couldn’t be happier. During this year we have also watched in amazement how our little daughter Betty has grown in to such a wilful, confident, happy chatty little munchkin … Every day is an adventure with her and I’m in complete awe of everything she does.

So yeah, I’m knackered! But I’m so grateful and content when I think back to what we have achieved in 2015. We get to do what we love week in week out, and that’s create amazing visual memories for all our awesome couples … It’s such a buzz seeing and hearing not just how happy our photography makes them, but how happy it makes us as well.

And then I feel excited. This job and life has a funny way of surprising you when you least expect it … who knows what 2016 will bring and I’m so happy to tackle that ride alongside my amazing wife, Bee, and our awesome daughter, Betty … let’s do this Crawleys!

Here is our 2015 in pictures :)

Best_Wedding_Photography_0001 Best_Wedding_Photography_0002 Best_Wedding_Photography_0003 Best_Wedding_Photography_0004 Best_Wedding_Photography_0005 Best_Wedding_Photography_0006 Best_Wedding_Photography_0007 Best_Wedding_Photography_0008 Best_Wedding_Photography_0009 Best_Wedding_Photography_0010 Best_Wedding_Photography_0011 Best_Wedding_Photography_0012 Best_Wedding_Photography_0013 Best_Wedding_Photography_0014 Best_Wedding_Photography_0015 Best_Wedding_Photography_0016 Best_Wedding_Photography_0017 Best_Wedding_Photography_0018 Best_Wedding_Photography_0019 Best_Wedding_Photography_0020 Best_Wedding_Photography_0021 Best_Wedding_Photography_0022 Best_Wedding_Photography_0023 Best_Wedding_Photography_0024 Best_Wedding_Photography_0025 Best_Wedding_Photography_0026 Best_Wedding_Photography_0027 Best_Wedding_Photography_0028 Best_Wedding_Photography_0029 Best_Wedding_Photography_0031 Best_Wedding_Photography_0032 Best_Wedding_Photography_0030 Best_Wedding_Photography_0033 Best_Wedding_Photography_0034 Best_Wedding_Photography_0035
Best_Wedding_Photography_0052 Best_Wedding_Photography_0053 Best_Wedding_Photography_0054 Best_Wedding_Photography_0055 Best_Wedding_Photography_0056 Best_Wedding_Photography_0057 Best_Wedding_Photography_0058 Best_Wedding_Photography_0059 Best_Wedding_Photography_0060 Best_Wedding_Photography_0061 Best_Wedding_Photography_0062 Best_Wedding_Photography_0063 Best_Wedding_Photography_0064 Best_Wedding_Photography_0065 Best_Wedding_Photography_0066 Best_Wedding_Photography_0067 Best_Wedding_Photography_0068 Best_Wedding_Photography_0069 Best_Wedding_Photography_0070 Best_Wedding_Photography_0071 Best_Wedding_Photography_0072 Best_Wedding_Photography_0073 Best_Wedding_Photography_0074 Best_Wedding_Photography_0075 Best_Wedding_Photography_0076 Best_Wedding_Photography_0077 Best_Wedding_Photography_0078 Best_Wedding_Photography_0079 Best_Wedding_Photography_0080 Best_Wedding_Photography_0081 Best_Wedding_Photography_0082 Best_Wedding_Photography_0083 Best_Wedding_Photography_0084 Best_Wedding_Photography_0085 Best_Wedding_Photography_0086 Best_Wedding_Photography_0087 Best_Wedding_Photography_0088 Best_Wedding_Photography_0089 Best_Wedding_Photography_0090 Best_Wedding_Photography_0091 Best_Wedding_Photography_0092 Best_Wedding_Photography_0093 Best_Wedding_Photography_0094 Best_Wedding_Photography_0095 Best_Wedding_Photography_0096 Best_Wedding_Photography_0097 Best_Wedding_Photography_0098 Best_Wedding_Photography_0099 Best_Wedding_Photography_0100 Best_Wedding_Photography_0101 Best_Wedding_Photography_0102 Best_Wedding_Photography_0103 Best_Wedding_Photography_0104 Best_Wedding_Photography_0105 Best_Wedding_Photography_0106 Best_Wedding_Photography_0107 Best_Wedding_Photography_0108 Best_Wedding_Photography_0109 Best_Wedding_Photography_0110 Best_Wedding_Photography_0111 Best_Wedding_Photography_0112 Best_Wedding_Photography_0113 Best_Wedding_Photography_0114 Best_Wedding_Photography_0115 Best_Wedding_Photography_0116 Best_Wedding_Photography_0117 Best_Wedding_Photography_0118 Best_Wedding_Photography_0119 Best_Wedding_Photography_0120 Best_Wedding_Photography_0121 Best_Wedding_Photography_0122 Best_Wedding_Photography_0123 Best_Wedding_Photography_0124 Best_Wedding_Photography_0125 Best_Wedding_Photography_0126 Best_Wedding_Photography_0127 Best_Wedding_Photography_0128 Best_Wedding_Photography_0129 Best_Wedding_Photography_0130 Best_Wedding_Photography_0131 Best_Wedding_Photography_0132 Best_Wedding_Photography_0133 Best_Wedding_Photography_0134 Best_Wedding_Photography_0135 Best_Wedding_Photography_0136 Best_Wedding_Photography_0137 Best_Wedding_Photography_0138 Best_Wedding_Photography_0139 Best_Wedding_Photography_0140 Best_Wedding_Photography_0141 Best_Wedding_Photography_0142 Best_Wedding_Photography_0143 Best_Wedding_Photography_0144 Best_Wedding_Photography_0145 Best_Wedding_Photography_0146 Best_Wedding_Photography_0147 Best_Wedding_Photography_0148 Best_Wedding_Photography_0149 Best_Wedding_Photography_0150 Best_Wedding_Photography_0151 Best_Wedding_Photography_0152 Best_Wedding_Photography_0153 Best_Wedding_Photography_0154 Best_Wedding_Photography_0155 Best_Wedding_Photography_0156 Best_Wedding_Photography_0157 Best_Wedding_Photography_0158


These are just insanely good. So much energy and vibrancy, and I just love your compositions. So enjoyable to look through.

Truly inspirational Liam & Bee, such a tour de force!

This post, right here, is why you are the absolute MAN! I’ve seen lots of 2015 posts but this up there with the absolute best. Anywhere. Awesome work both of you – all the best for 2016 x

Oh my god guys!!! What an absolutely breathtaking set of photos!!! LOVE them – what an amazing year (and busy!) you have had! Magical memories for all involved xx keep up the amazing work ????????????????xxx

All round perfect, love that mountain window reflection shot

Christ on a bike! I went through these super slow so I could savour each and everyone. Completely amazing, totally the top of your game!

Thanks Rach, such a lovely comment x

Wow wow wow! Where to start – just bloody brilliant! What a year! Incredible!

Wowsers! I still so wish I’d known you when me and Lindz got married, these are ALL flippin fantastic! I love the amount of creativity that goes round your head Liam! Well done team Crawley x

Thank you so so much Lucy for your lovely comment x

Stunning work!! And I adore your overhead photographs… you are brave! All the best for 2016, Nx

Thanks Natalie #gogogadgetboots!

Stunning work guys…..simply unique stuff.

I got to the end of this post, and was gonna write “shit the bed”, then saw that John Hope had beaten me to it, but what the heck… SHIT THE BLOODY BED you guys!!!! Absolutely loved going through this post, couldn’t even get close to picking a top 10, let alone a favourite or 2!!!!!

Haha! Thanks so much Sambo, really appreciate your comment dude

A beautiful selection of images! that bring as much pride to the couples and other photographers alike! creative, refreshing and perfectly executed. Truly inspirational! Best wishes for 2016! x

Great photos, never fail to impress With your creativeness Liam. Just Brilliant!!

Wow. There is just something about your images guys. They always scream out fun. How on earth with you top 2015! AWESOME xxx

Thank you for your lovely comment Kelly … see you next week!

Sensational guys. Boundless creativity and incredible docu skills to boot. Brilliant

Cheers Michael, hope to meet you this year

Totally brilliant set of photos. What a good year. Inspiration right there.

Thanks David, really appreciate it

Aspirational. Love every image. What a year!

Thanks Becky, hope you and the family are all well x

Actually don’t know what to say! Mesmerisingly brilliant!!

Dude. So much creativity, so much pizazz. So many frames where I’m like “What?!?”. So unique. Just top, top dollar.

Thanks so much dude, means a lot coming from you

Shit the bed!!! I’m in awe dude. That might be my fave ‘best of’ out of all the many (and awesome) ones I’ve seen. Take a massive and prolonged bow! Immense!!

Ah thanks so much John, big love dude

Amazing year, amazing images. You Crawleys set the bar HIGH!

Crazy, Innovative, Awesome and then Crazy again. Loving your work Guy’s. Such a good year!!!

Thanks Matt, much appreciated buddy :)

HOLY crackpipes this is wonderful… So much effing variety, so much art, so many epic moments. I’m not surprised you’re exhausted!! I <3 The Crawleys.

I totally expected awesomeness but you still managed to surprise and amaze me. Keep raising that bar mate. All the best for 2016.

Thanks so much mate, hope you and the family are well

A gaggle of creative masterpieces. Bravo! All the best for 2016 x

Cheers Steve, all the best dude

Your photographs sum up every single thing that immense wedding photography is all about – emotion, creativity, humour, beauty, fun…

It’s been amazing to see you guys continuing to push the boundaries this year and I’m so excited to see what you come up with for 2016! You two and your little family rock. Big time.

Amazing collection and brought a tear to my eye seeing ours featured, so thank you. Now have a well deserved break!

Now this is how you do it. The yearly round up, the wedding photography thing, everything ;) Bloody superb work.

Every frame is pure art dude: absolute sublime work throughout and you both deserve every accolade that comes to you and I am sure they will be many!!

Have a blinding 2016

So much awesome in just one year!
A real pleasure to look through – here’s to a fantastic 2016!

Thanks Ian, hope to catch up soon

Holy smokes this is freakin’ awesome and so much fun. Love it! Well done Liam and Bee! x

Wow, wow, wow. What a collection of incredibly diverse images that all tell their own story. Love it.

Thanks James, really appreciate your comment

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